Public Insurance Adjusting
Claims Management, and
Loss consulting experts

With decades of experience as state-licensed insurance adjusters, True View Commercial advocates for clients by providing large-loss Public Insurance Adjusting, Claims Management, and Loss Consulting.

As a representative for the policyholder, our goal is to reduce your stress, minimize recovery time, and maximize your financial settlement. To achieve this, our expert team of adjusters develops a clear and customized plan for you and then presents your insurance company with the most accurate and detailed assessment of your insurance loss.

What is a public adjuster?

Public Adjusters are licensed by the state to act as your Advocate and Claim Expert to ensure that you receive every policy benefit available to you when you’re faced with an insurance loss.

Public Adjusters work directly for you, not your insurance company. When you hire a Public Adjuster, you will receive the highest settlement possible so you can repair or replace your damaged property and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Why choose True View Commercial?

With decades of experience settling claims across the United States, our adjusters are considered experts in the entire claim-handling process including best practices for claim settlement. With True View Commercial, you will receive:

  • A team of licensed adjusters fighting in your corner with your interests at the forefront
  • An expedited claim settlement
  • A maximized financial payout
  • A reduction of stress, emotional turmoil, and personal time expenditure

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Residential Claims

Your home is likely one of the most valuable assets you own. If you are dealing with a large or complex insurance claim caused by Fire, Flood, Wind, or Hail, it can easily turn your life upside down. TVC can help, learn more.

Residential Claims

Commercial Claims

We have proven history of successfully maximizing millions of dollars in insurance claims for commercial Structure, Business Personal Property, Business Interruption, and Boiler and Machinery. TVC can help, learn more.

Commercial Claims

Public Insurance Adjusting Services

True View Commercial can adjust the following types of insurance claims to ensure that you receive the maximum payout.

Choose a residential claim type above or you can read about an overview of residential insurance claims we handle for homeowners.
Choose a commercial claim type above or you can read about an overview of commercial insurance claims we handle for businesses and property owners.


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A duty to serve you

As a State Licensed Public Insurance Adjusting company, we act as your advocate and claims expert to ensure that you receive every policy benefit applicable when faced with an insurance loss. The claim process is widely unfamiliar to most policyholders. When faced with a loss you may be left wondering what steps to take or who to trust. A Public Adjuster is required by law to act in your best interest and is bound by a code of conduct set forth by your state department of insurance. Additionally, Public Adjusters must maintain continuing education hours with state-approved courses, including ethics.

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A customized approach

Whether adjusting a house fire, a flood, or a weather-related claim, every insurance loss is different. Yours is no exception. Our Public Adjusting service is designed to assist you in defining your unique project-specific goals. The Public Adjusters at True View Commercial walk each policyholder through the claim settlement process and sets realistic expectations upfront. After detailing claim milestones and gathering feedback for what's most important to you, we develop and implement an optimal strategy for recovery.

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Insurance Claim Management

  • Secure your property and mitigate damage Secure your property and mitigate damage.
  • Evaluate all applicable insurance policies Evaluate all applicable insurance policies.
  • Develop a customized plan for recovery Develop a customized plan for recovery.
  • Produce reports and estimates Produce reports and estimates.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company Negotiate with your insurance company.
  • Settle and finalize your insurance claim Settle and finalize your insurance claim.

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