Theft & Damage Claims

Aside from the immediate loss, there can be additional damage to your home as a result of the theft act itself. This is especially common in theft claims that involve equipment theft and/or theft of copper wiring. Our experienced public adjusters can identify all associated damage and engage experts needed to examine specialty equipment that may have been damaged.

Immediate Steps After Discovering Theft

Theft claims are unique claims that require special action. If you are dealing with a theft claim, we recommend the following steps to ensure your safety and create proper claim documentation:

  • 1. Contact your local police and file a report.

    Calling the police is a necessary step and should be done so to ensure your safety. If you have discovered that someone has broken into your home, the perpetrator could still be inside. The police will advise if it is safe to enter. Aside from ensuring your safety, the insurance company will request that you file a claim with the police. If you have already done so, a copy of the police report should be submitted to the insurance company.

  • 2. Notify your insurance company.

    Once your insurance company has been notified, they will ask for various facts surrounding the loss, including proof of ownership of the stolen property.

  • 3. Employ a Public Adjuster

    Our experienced public adjusters know exactly what documentation the insurance company is looking for. True View Commercial will compile all relevant loss information and submit it to your insurance company on your behalf. Once submitted, a successful settlement can be negotiated.

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State licensed insurance adjusters advocating for our clients

Our adjusters have successfully handled millions of dollars in insurance claims settlements for simple and complex losses as insurance Company Adjusters, Field Adjusters, Catastrophe Adjusters, Desk Adjusters, Independent Adjusters, Appraisers, and Public Adjusters. This experience has contributed to a deep understanding of the various complexities of the insurance claims process.

As a state-licensed Public Insurance Adjusting company, we act as your Advocate and Claims Expert to ensure that you receive every policy benefit applicable when faced with an insurance loss. Our adjusters have a duty to serve only your interests.

Most insurance claims settled by True View Commercial realize a claim settlement increase of 100 % to 150%.

Our Public Adjusters are experts in the identification of damage, leveraging superior technology to provide an accurate scope of damage and material identification, providing large loss insurance claim management, and promptly and accurately negotiating and settling claims. With a proven history of substantially increasing insurance claim settlements for our clients, we strive to make policyholders whole again while reducing stress and insurance claim cycle time.
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