• Investigate: A careful and exhaustive assessment of the extent of fire-caused damage to the structure; inside and out.
  • Clients are privileged to our network of outside professionals such as Engineers, Building Consultants, Mitigation Companies, Air Quality Experts, and Mold Hygienists.
  • Document: Methodical photos, videos, and virtual scans are gathered to ensure that all details are captured and can be referenced at a later time.
  • Estimate: After a careful and logical review of the extent of damage, we create reconstruction cost estimates using the industry-standard software, Xactimate.

Business Personal Property

  • Evaluate: We inspect every single item in your structure and determine if it can be cleaned (Salvage) or must be replaced (Non-salvage).
  • Document: All items are photographed and a record of items is compiled digitally
  • Estimate: Once items have been determined to be either Salvage or Non-salvage, detailed cleaning or replacement cost estimates are created.

Business Interruption (Time Element)

  • Policy Review- A formal review of your available Business Interruption/Time Element coverage limits is conducted
  • Recommendations- Based on available policy funds and current operational business needs, we advise on the best approach for temporary costs needed to keep your business open and operational

Read more about Business Interruption.

State licensed insurance adjusters advocating for our clients

Our adjusters have successfully handled millions of dollars in insurance claims settlements for simple and complex losses as insurance Company Adjusters, Field Adjusters, Catastrophe Adjusters, Desk Adjusters, Independent Adjusters, Appraisers, and Public Adjusters. This experience has contributed to a deep understanding of the various complexities of the insurance claims process.

As a state-licensed Public Insurance Adjusting company, we act as your Advocate and Claims Expert to ensure that you receive every policy benefit applicable when faced with an insurance loss. Our adjusters have a duty to serve only your interests.

Most insurance claims settled by True View Commercial realize a claim settlement increase of 100 % to 150%.

Our Public Adjusters are experts in the identification of damage, leveraging superior technology to provide an accurate scope of damage and material identification, providing large loss insurance claim management, and promptly and accurately negotiating and settling claims. With a proven history of substantially increasing insurance claim settlements for our clients, we strive to make policyholders whole again while reducing stress and insurance claim cycle time.
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