Business Interruption Insurance

When faced with a loss that affects the daily operations of your business, True View Commercial is here to help. Under the expertise of our public adjusters, we develop a custom recovery plan to address and account for every element of your business that has been affected by a disaster.

Business Interruption insurance, sometimes referred to as Time Element coverage, helps cover losses incurred when your business cannot operate after a disaster such as a flood, fire, or severe storm. This secondary coverage is often in place to help recoup revenue and continue payroll for your employees. It also protects you against unexpected expenses, such as extra costs for temporary rent or relocation, training your employees, or continued income due to loss of revenue.

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A Customized Plan

When faced with a disaster that is severe enough to involve your Business Interruption coverage, our team works hand in hand with your staff, accountants, vendors, suppliers, and other experts to complete a fully customized recovery plan.

This process is designed to:

  • Evaluate all applicable insurance policies Evaluate all applicable insurance policies.
  • Understand your unique business needs, both immediate and long-term. Understand your unique business needs, both immediate and long-term.
  • Gather data and records from staff, accountants, vendors, etc. Gather data and records from staff, accountants, vendors, etc.
  • Produce reports and estimates Produce reports and estimates.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company Negotiate with your insurance company.
  • Settle and finalize your insurance claim Settle and finalize your insurance claim.

State licensed insurance adjusters advocating for our clients

Public Adjusters are paid fees based on you the settlement of your claim. Caps on fees are set by your State Department of Insurance and vary from state to state (in Texas, fees are capped at 10% of the total replacement cost value, less the deductible). If you have already been offered a settlement by your insurance company, you may elect to pay your Public Adjuster a percentage-based fee on the increase of the settlement.

Although your Public Adjuster will charge you a percentage of the total amount adjusted, the fees are greatly outweighed by the additional amount of funds you receive from your insurance carrier.

Many circumstances throughout a property insurance claim lend themselves to hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster. As with most situations surrounding large or complex claims, timing is everything. It is always best to engage a Public Adjuster at the onset of the loss. When you hire a Public Adjuster, it can be seen as a turnkey claim solution. From the beginning of a claim, a Public Adjuster will reduce stress, save a policyholder’s time, and will result in higher claim settlement figures.

Most insurance claims settled by True View Commercial realize a claim settlement increase of 100 % to 150%.

Our Public Adjusters are experts in the identification of damage, leveraging superior technology to provide an accurate scope of damage and material identification, providing large loss insurance claim management, and promptly and accurately negotiating and settling claims. With a proven history of substantially increasing insurance claim settlements for our clients, we strive to make policyholders whole again while reducing stress and insurance claim cycle time.

A contractor and a Public Adjuster have separate responsibilities that are clearly defined by law and detailed by your state’s Department of Insurance. Although a contractor may be qualified to survey property damage and estimate repair costs, BY LAW they cannot manage insurance claims, negotiate with a Company Adjuster, or speak on your behalf.

If a Public Adjuster finds a claim to require specific restoration needs pertaining to custom cost estimating, he/she can decide to consult with a contractor for a second opinion in order to obtain pricing for bid items.
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