Public Insurance Adjusters Are State-Licensed and Serve You

A Public Adjuster is an insurance adjuster that is licensed by the State Department of Insurance and works directly for you, not your insurance company. Just as your insurance company employs adjusters that serve their best interests, you are permitted to hire a Public Adjuster to act as your advocate and to negotiate the settlement of your insurance claim. This ensures that you receive every insurance policy benefit available to you when dealing with an insurance loss.

Experts in insurance settlement negotiation

Public Adjusters are considered experts in the insurance claim process and they possess a firm understanding of effective insurance settlement negotiations. Once hired, your Public Adjuster will review your policy, investigate your loss, and present the insurance company with the most accurate and detailed assessment of your damage in order to maximize your financial recovery.

We get paid when you get paid, based on increasing your settlement

Public Adjusters are generally paid by collecting a fee, agreed to prior to engaging work, based on the settlement of your claim. Fee percentages maximums are set by your State Department of Insurance. Although your Public Adjuster will charge you a percentage of the total amount adjusted, the fees are greatly outweighed by the additional amount of funds you receive from your insurance carrier.

We represent you to your insurance

Once you hire a Public Adjuster, your insurance company is required to communicate directly with him/her and may not contact you without permission. This streamlining of communication is vital to maintaining a concise recovery plan.