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How Matterport Can Increase Your Insurance Claim Settlement

The Takeaways According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 4.8 million insurance claims are filed in the United States per year with 98% being related to property claims. (...)

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Will My Insurance Replace My Roof?

The Takeaways Texas leads the country in hail-caused property damage claims Most insurance policies cover wind and hail damage Damage must meet the definition of damage as outlined in your (...)

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Can My Contractor Negotiate My Insurance Claim Settlement?

The Takeaways Texas Insurance Code 4102.163 prohibits contractors from discussing insurance coverage or how a policy applies to a given loss Insurance companies are not required to communicate (...)

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Why is My Insurance Claim Depreciated?

The Takeaways Depreciation is defined as a loss of value in your property over a period of time. Generally, insurance policies are written on a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) basis. Depreciation is (...)

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Deep Fryer House Fire

The Takeaways Between 2014-2018 approximately 179,000 house fires were caused by cooking fires. Turkey fryers cause an estimated $15M in property damage annually. Direct fire, smoke damage, and (...)

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Will A Public Adjuster Really Increase An Insurance Settlement?

The Takeaways A Public Insurance Adjuster will provide a second set of eyes on all facets of your insurance claim. Heavy claim loads, overbooked time schedules, and lack of proper training may (...)

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